Business Hours Product sales 11:00~20:00
Food and drink 11:00~23:00
 *Excluding some shops
Parking Information No parking space is available, so please refrain from using your car to visit us.
Please use public transportation.
Bicycle Parking
A bicycle parking is available on the left side of the entrance facing Higashinotoin Street.
146 bicycles/3 motorcycles
●Parking fee
Free until 2 hours after parking.
Upper Rack 100 yen every 24 hours
Lower Rack 150 yen for the first six hours;
50 yen every six hours thereafter
Motorcycle 250 yen for the first six hours;
50 yen every six hours thereafter
50 yen every six hours thereafter
* Bicycle parking discount service is not available depending on the purchase.
●Bussines hours
24 hours (7 days a week)
* Not available on equipment inspection days.
Barrier-free Measures *Only one parking space for a disabled person is available. No parking is available for physically unimpaired persons.
Service Time: 7:00~23:30
*Fee 200 yen/30 min.
*Please note that the parking may be occupied depending on time.
*Not available on facility holidays.
Wi-Fi Service In all the area within the facility, a public wireless LAN service is available for Wi-Fi compatible equipment.
Open a Wi-Fi setting screen on your smartphone, etc., and connect to "SSID: ShinPuhKan-FreeWiFi"
Electronic Money Available
Electronic Money
nanaco / WAON / Edy (Rakuten Edy) / QUICPay / iD
Services by Public Transportation
Suica / ICOCA / Kitaca / TOICA / manaca / nimoca / SUGOCA / PASMO / HAYAKAKEN
(Automated External Defibrillator)
AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is available at Disaster Prevention Center on the first floor.
In case of emergency, please contact a staff near you or Disaster Prevention Center.
Disaster Prevention Center: 075(746)5861
Services for Customers from Overseas For duty-free services, please ask for each shop.
ATM is located on the first basement level (B1).
Inquiries about Lost and Found Items Any lost-and-found item found in the facility is kept at Disaster Prevention Center.
If you have lost any item in the facility, please contact Disaster Prevention Center.
Disaster Prevention Center: 075(746)5861
Other Prohibited Matters, etc. Please refrain from vising the facility with your pet.
*When passing through the facility, please make sure to A10:B11put your pet in a cage.
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