ショップ & レストラン
Besides the first-ever new businesses in western Japan and Kyoto,
shops unique to Kyoto are lined up.
As an unprecedented commercial space where the latest trend will meet the uniqueness of Kyoto,
the hotel will become a place where every customer can enjoy it.


  • B1F
    A mini-theater that delivers a new cinema culture through a wide variety of movies

    “UPLINK Kyoto” is a mini theater complex, comprising a total of 215 seats of compact four screens; each has 73 seats, 60 seats, 44 seats, and 38 seats with different interiors and the unique sound system of which high-quality has been proven with “UPLINK Kisshoji” in Tokyo. The cinema will continue to contribute to cultural scenes in Kyoto by using its experiences of having delivered cinema culture that has taken root in communities.
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